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Ratcheting Ultimate Focus Tool

  • $139.95
In Stock

Item Number: HA7280 RT

Award-winning tool has been designed to fit the three main bolts on a standard C-clamp (newer and older) used on par and leko lights. In addition to all this...
The slot on the handle fits:
  • Most wing-nuts
  • Road case handles
  • Mac 500 cam thumb screws
  • Some smaller shackle bolts
The middle of the slot are two sockets which fits:
  • Nut for most 6 light lamp bars
  • 1/2" bolt on the yokes of most leko fixtures
The back of the tool has a handle slot which:
  • Used to get leverage on over-cranked leko and par handles
  • Fits most light fixtures including ETC, Strand, Altman
  • Fits Thomas X handles
  • Fits most old cast handles
  • Fits even mic stands with a straight handle
One of the most powerful features is its continuity checker, great for testing:
  • Lamps
  • Fuses
  • Plugs - Edison, Stage Pin, Twist and more...
  • Save you the trip down the ladder!
There is even a pin splitter! (Very Cool, this feature alone has a $25 value) Designed to fit 20 - 60 amp bates connectors.
Place for lanyard | No excuses for dropping | Also been known to be used as a bottle opener!
This tool is manufactured out of light-weight aluminum so that the focuser can have the tool comfortably hanging from his or her wrist as they work on the lighting fixture. This tool has a hard-coat anodized finish to make the surface wear-resistant. The aluminum construction, not only makes it light-weight, it also will not damage steel or iron nuts and bolts. Be the first to get yours, and make your friends jealous.

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