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ETC Source Four PARnel w/Color Frame

  • $405.00
In Stock

Item Number: ETC7060A10070X

ETC Source 4 Parnel will accept 375W, 575W, or 750W HPL lamps.
Fixture Includes Color Frame.
Pipe Clamp, Connector, Lamp, and Safety Cable Not Included.

Fixtures DO NOT ship with:

  • Connector
  • Lamp
  • Patter Holder
  • Iris
  • Donut

Source Four PARs

Source Four® PARs™ stand out of the luminaire crowd with their rugged die-cast aluminium construction and acclaimed Source Four optical technology. Superior brightness and energy savings. Source Four PARs deliver a smooth even field, and at 575 watts are comparable to 1000W PAR64s -- while saving 40% on energy.

Source Four PAR EA

Elegant, compact, efficient and flexible - the new standard for PARs. Source Four PAR comes with a set of four snap-in lenses that mount in a cool, rotating ring. That also means no more reaching into a hot can with cracked porcelain sockets. And when you need a new lamp, just use your stock of Source Four HPLs (no need to carry a large inventory of expensive PAR64 lamps). The Source Four PAR's compact design means more units can be mounted on a pipe or fit into a truck. Combined with reductions in power and cable requirements, Source Four PARs are perfect for touring.

Source Four PAR MCM

Engineered with a cool beam for your performance environment. All the power of a PAR plus the cool beam of the Source Four®! This is no ordinary par can. Source Four PARs™ go beyond run-of-the-mill pars with ETC's rugged, die-cast aluminum construction and acclaimed Source Four lighting technology. MCM stands for Metal Cold Mirror. This unique reflector coating ensures that only light, not heat, goes out of the front of the fixture - making the Source Four PAR MCM ideal for orchestra lighting or other performance situations where on-stage comfort is paramount.

Source Four PARNel

PAR optics with Fresnel focus. With the PARNel, ETC went beyond mere imitation and created a genre-bender with Fresnel-like functionality and the awesome performance of a Source Four® PAR™. A new category of product to the entertainment-lighting world. Featuring a patented wave-lens design and easy focusing knob, the PARNel lets you quickly access a range of 25º-45º - a smooth, soft, symmetrical field that you can spot or flood as needed.

Source Four MultiPAR

High-output flood lighting. ETC's Source Four® MultiPAR® fixtures revolutionize that old theatrical workhorse: the striplight. MultiPARs are a new breed. Lamped with the HPL and featuring the space-saving advantages of Source Four PAR™ design, MultiPAR's patented HPL lamp offers amazing energy efficiency, giving out more illumination than a 1000-watt par lamp with more than 40% less energy use. The minimalist elegance of the ETC Source Four PAR design is maintained throughout the MultiPAR fixtures, allowing easy lamp replacement and a beautiful factory focus, from the first moment you use them.


  • General
    • The instrument shall be a Source Four PARNel spotlight as manufactured by Electronic Theatre Controls, Inc., or approved equal.

  • Physical
    • The spotlights are constructed of rugged, die cast aluminum, free of burrs and pits, finished in black, high temperature epoxy paint.
    • The spotlight shall provide, but not be limited to:

      • Rugged die-cast aluminum construction
      • Ten interior baffles to eliminate beam scattering and spill light.
      • Thermally insulated, precision focus knob.
      • A sealed reflector housing that shall prevent all light leaks.
      • 17 heat-sink fins cast into the reflector housing for temperature control.
      • Integral cable clamp for power leads.
      • A brass self-retaining screw to retain the lamp socket
      • Sturdy gel frame holders with two accessory slots and a top mounted, quick release gel frame retainer.
      • Rugged steel yoke with 300ï‚°+ rotation of fixture within yoke
      • Positive locking, hand operated yoke clutch.

    • Unit shall be nominally 11”long by 10” wide.
    • Unit shall not weigh more than 8.5 pounds (without c-clamp).
    • The spotlight shall be UL and cUL listed and so labeled.
  • Electrical
    • The unit shall have an operating range of 115-240V, 50/60Hz.
    • The unit shall be capable of using a maximum of 750W HPL lamp.
    • The three conductor, 36” leads shall be rated for high temperature and encased in a glass fiber outer sleeve.
    • The unit shall be capable of utilizing ETC Dimmer Doubling technology.

  • Lamp
    • The instrument shall use only one lamp type, the HPL lamp.
    • Fixtures that require the purchasing of multiple lamp types to achieve different field angles shall not be acceptable.
    • The lamp shall:

      • an HPL lamp consisting of a compact tungsten filament, contained in a krypton-filled quartz envelope
      • Mount axially within the reflector and shall be pre-focused within the reflector.
      • Have an integral die cast aluminum heat sink that reduces seal temperature and ensures proper lamp alignment.
      • Use an ATP 220 nickel gold plated socket.
  • Lenses
    • Lens sets shall consist of two patented wave lenses. One clear and one stippled.

      • Lenses shall be heat resistant, borosilicate glass.
      • Beam orientation of 25º-45º (spot to flood) shall be possible through rotation of exterior rotation knob connected to a rotatable collar housed in the front of the unit
      • Fixtures which require user to reposition the lamp socket to change the beam angle shall not be acceptable.
  • Optical
    • The optical train shall combine a compact filament lamp with modified parabolic and multifaceted reflector.
    • Reflector finish shall be an Enhanced Aluminum deposition.
    • Reflector shall be cast into a heat sink assembly.
    • Reflector efficiency shall be a minimum of 93%.
    • Reflectors of pressed aluminum sheet construction shall not be acceptable.

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